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Enjoy The Free Reports!

As promised, here are your $195.00 worth of free reports..., feel free to take all the time you need to download these valuable reports and programs. Downloading is very simple. Just click on the screenshots to download a particular report or program. Please do not pass this URL on to anyone else or link to this page in anyway. Thank You very much.

After you see the quality of the information look at the opportunity that can earn you an easy $200,000.00 per year with no computer skills.  Just click on the image to the right. This opportunity pays weekly.

Free e-book or Electronic BookSPECIAL Report Good Morning America.
f you haven't downloaded this one yet, do so now! This is a Free, Life-Time Lead Generator for you! You'll learn how to get your Offer In front of 65,000,000 people in Print Magazines for under $600.00. Practically every Family in America reads these Magazines. That's an advertising rate of less than $10.00 per Million. $600.00 isn't much money, but in the Classified Business, You can really make it BIG! This is much cheaper than Spam when you consider all the problems that can occur with it. Comes with 100% Royalty Free Resell Rights!!

 Download!SPECIAL Report Government Auctions
A super easy to use, comprehensive listing of auctions in the US categorized by State, Federal, State Unclaimed Property, and HUD contacts. This information has been sold to thousands of people looking to make their fortunes. Now it's yours free.

Download!SPECIAL Report Spy Software
A super easy to use, comprehensive listing of Investigative Services and Resources, Governmental Resources, Financial Services and Resources, Genealogical Services and Expert Resources. In short, all the resources available to make it possible to spy into anyone's life.

Download!SPECIAL Report MailTag Bonanza
Learn how to create some pretty Far Out HTML Mail Tags! Learn how to predefine the Subjects, Body, CC and BCC. Very few if anyone understands this! After reading this manual, you'll NEVER create boring HTML MailTags again! This manual comes with royalty free resell rights! Add valuable content to your website by offering this manual to visitors.

Download!SPECIAL Report Windows HyperTips
Learn 50 Valuable Windows Tips and Tricks WITH Study Checks virtually GUARANTEED to skyrocket your Windows Knowledge right through the roof! Learn how to find your IP address, Manually compress the Registry, Launch Notepad and Wordpad, View the Registry Checker, Send Email from the Desktop and much, much more.. This 50 tip manual comes with royalty free resell rights! Add valuable content to your website by offering this manual to visitors.

 Download!SPECIAL Report Out of Bounds v1.0
The Most Comprehensive series of Reports Regarding All Aspects of UFO's and the Paranormal. Comes with cool sound and a Built In 'UFO Peace Web-Site'. This 60 chapter manual comes with royalty free resell rights! Add valuable content to your website by offering this manual to visitors.

Download!SPECIAL Report The NEW Millenium Guide to Internet Wholesale Sources
Perhaps the Surest way to make money is to apply the old adage "Buy Low and Sell High". It's worked for a thousand years and it will work for a thousand years to come. Learn where to purchase "As Seen On-TV" items, Computer Software, Hardware, DVD's, Food, Clothes, Cell Phones, Electronics, Video Games, Cosmetics, Watches and much more for pennies on the Dollar. This well written eBook includes links to some wholesale clubs as well. I guarantee THIS IS THE LAST wholesale directory you will ever need.

free_bonus7[1].gif (4951 bytes)SUPER BONUS #1
Freelance Publishers Pocket Reference - This is perhaps the most Comprehensive Guide to achieving Long-Term Wealth that's ever been created. Authored by Brian Garvin, a successful infopreneur that currently makes over $1,000 daily selling information On-line and Off-line. Even Brian Admits he only uses a few of the techniques written in this manual, but originally wrote it as a reference to himself so all this hard hitting information would be easily accessible. He also notes that the sky's the limit for anyone choosing to use all the techniques in this one-of-a-kind Wealth Building Manual. Brian plans on putting this Manual in Print Later.

free_bonus8[1].gif (5314 bytes)SUPER BONUS #2
Email, Beyond the Basics - Complete Guide to Cheap & Powerful Email Marketing. You'll get the full scoop on Bulk Mailing, Formatting, Software, Multiple Recipients, Autoresponders, Free Classifieds, Ezine Advertising, Viruses, Domain Registration and More.. If you've ever thought about Bulk Emailing, this manual will Most Definitely teach you everything you need to know.

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