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.Earn $5.5 Million Dollars In Cash!

by Interactive Ventures Corporation

"I had to write and express my gratitude for the easiest system
I ever made money with.  The money keeps coming in week
after week. This is great! Thank you"
- Jim Thompson

Have you ever dreamed of being a multi millionaire? 

Now is your chance!

What you are about to discover is a simple, yet brilliant system, that will work for you and anyone in the world to bank $5.5 million dollars in cash.

How does it work?

You earn $5.00 per sale by marketing our Ultimate Marketing Package and $5.00 for every sale from those you refer 6 levels deep who in turn purchase our marketing package.

Get 10 referrals, who in turn get 10 referrals, six levels deep and you will have earned over $5.5 million dollars in cash!   But, don't take our word for it... just do the math.

Here is a calculator to see how much can be earned.  The more people you refer, the more cash you'll earn from your efforts and those you bring in.

Potential Earnings Calculator

You earn $5.00 for each new referral you bring in and $5 from everyone they bring in... 6 levels deep! Plus, you're PAID every week.

The calculator, by default, shows 6 people, bringing in 6 people, 6 levels deep. See what you think you can earn by changing the numbers in the first 2 boxes below.  Enter 10 getting 10 and see how much that comes to.

Your Level 1 Volume - Enter the number of referrals you think you'll bring in (by highlighting the number "6" to the right) and then type in the number.

Your Extended Volume - Enter how many people your referrals should bring in and then click the "CALCULATE" button below.



Earned Members


Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


Level 6


Your Total Earnings Once You Reach Your Goals... 

About The Potential Earnings Calculator
This Potential Earnings Calculator presents hypothetical examples intended to illustrate how the commission plan operates. The calculator is not a representation that your income or organization will grow in the fashion or sizes depicted because the figures utilized in the chart are hypothetical projections only. Before enrolling in this, or any other marketing program, you should understand that in actual practice, organizations do not grow symmetrically or completely. We make no guarantee or representation that you may, can, or will earn any commission. Your success will depend on your own efforts and skill.

Is earning $5 million dollars realistic?   Not for everyone, but anyone, including yourself can earn a solid weekly income.  Whether you want to earn an extra $100 per week or, $1000.00 a week, this program can easily make it happen for you or anyone... no matter what your Internet skill level is.

Those of you with Internet experience can earn $2000.00 - $10,000.00 per week in just the first 1-2 months.   We already have people who are earning $2000 a week in their first 2 weeks of working this program and their signups are growing every week from their referral base.

To start making money immediately, click the back button on your browser.  Once you purchase the Ultimate Marketing Solution your website will automatically be built and you will be on your way to making commissions quickly.

You will receive an email showing you where your new website is located and you will be given a user name and password to login the secured area where you can track your sales in real time.  Stats are displayed in all 6 levels!

Also, in the secured area is where you will get the products to the Ultimate Marketing Solution to explode this opportunity.  If you want a real opportunity, one that pays you weekly... you just found it.

All I really want is an unfair advantage.
-W.C. Fields

So, click the back button on your browser right now and enter the best program on the Net!


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"Earn a fortune with the fastest growing affiliate program."

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