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Interactive Ventures Corp. (IVC) is a company dedicated to promoting excellence on the Web.  Our focus is to provide the best information available online to assist online business owners achieve success.    We are able to do this through our various programs.  

globalaboutus.jpg (15464 bytes)We are a dedicated team of experts committed to promoting success online.  We have found that by banding together, we all share and benefit from each other's efforts, knowledge and support.  This is where the strength of our communities comes into the picture.

Through the promotion of our main programs, TrafficMagic.net, eMarketplaceDirect.com and our eReports Network, we have been able to successfully build an online community of businesses helping businesses.   Their increased revenue can be attributed to following our simple, proven methods of website promotion, marketing and the basic concept of networking. 

Our customers continue to benefit from our programs, which is why our online communities continue to grow.  They not only believe in our programs, tools, tips and resources, but they promote our programs through their networking efforts.  

  • Interactive Ventures Corporation is a debt free company.
  • Interactive Ventures Corporation has several online businesses, and joint ventures, with over seven years of online experience.

 Interactive Ventures Corporation's current online businesses

  • TrafficMagic.net

    TrafficMagic.net is the world's largest free marketing website.  Revenue is derived from online businesses purchasing targeted email.   Any online business can get a free advertising marketing website, to promote their business, in exchange for opting-in to receive email based on their interest or demographics.

  • eMarketplaceDirect.com

    eMarketplaceDirect.com is a community based membership website. It is the home to most of our online businesses.  Revenues are derived from various advertising offers, such as targeted email, banner advertising and newsletter advertising.

Joint Ventures & Sites Built By Interactive Ventures Corporation

  • Search4Coins.com

    Search4Coins is for the investor of numismatic coins and precious metals. Revenue is derived from the sale of precious metals and rare coins. If you are a serious investor, this site is for you.

  • OrtizEnt.com

    Ortiz Enterprises is a well established, experienced, successful full service construction company producing 30 to 40 million dollars of completed work per year. 
  • SterlingFunding.com

    Sterling Funding offers tax deductible loans for home owners.  Revenue is derived from loans.  Guaranteed Lowest Rates and Fees for bill consolidation or home improvement loans.

  • MegaByteComputers.com

    Megabyte Computers provides servers, workstations, network solutions and more, to allow you to focus on your business instead of computers.

  • BlueFeatherManagement.com

    Blue Feather Management is in the business of eliminating corporate and organizational anxiety over their special events planning and training sessions. They are a Professional Speaker Management Company and a full service Speakers Bureau.

  • RealAutoDeals.com

    RealAutoDeals.com can help you find the car of your dreams, with a minimum of effort, at the lowest possible price.

  • OrangeCoastAutoSales.com

    Orange Coast Auto Sales gives small town service to a major metropolitan area!  Their concept is simple: keep a low overhead, maintain maximum knowledge of the latest trends in the auto industry and continue to give their customers consistent, high-level personal service.

  • ProfessionalSpeaker.com

    f you are a speaker, trainer, author, consultant, educator, industry leader, celebrity or expert… you should be speaking to corporations and associations for substantial fees and marketing impact.

We are committed to your success.  We not only welcome, but also encourage your comments and suggestions on how we can better serve you.

Thank you for interest and taking the first step to improve your online success.

Interactive Ventures Corporation
26012 Marguerite Parkway, Suite H-237
Mission Viejo, CA  92692
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