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Even though our Ultimate Marketing Solution package is almost free considering what it costs, it's important to know all the key elements that make a company the right one to commit your time to.

Here is a check list you should ask any company before committing yourself to any online business opportunity.

1.What kind of connection and bandwidth do they have?
Answer for us is... Our NOC (network operating center) is on the 17th floor of a bank building in San Diego with 2 other customers (Yahoo! and the U.S. Government) and we have (2) to OC12 connections at our disposal (That's what AOL uses to connect their main data centers together between the west coast and the east coast). We will never experience a slow down due to bandwidth.
2.What kind of infrastructure do they have in place?

Do they have a database that will display real time stats? Do they have an automated payroll system? Answer for us... Our infrastructure has taken over 1 year to put into place all written in PURE JavaScript allowing it to operate independently of Microsoft. It is far more dependable and reliable as a result. You can communicate with our database to alter virtually every component of what you do with your eReports Network business. Our automated payroll service allows us to pay you on a weekly basis. Anything short of that would be unacceptable.
3.What kind of servers do they have and how many?
Answer for us... We have 10 Dual P3 500 Servers with 1GB of RAM waiting to go online as our customer base builds. We are prepared for an explosion of sales and distributors.
4.Can their success kill you?
You may have been in an opportunity only to watch it evaporate before your eyes. We have seen too many companies fail to plan for success. They TRY to build their infrastructure as they need to. They soon find out that success can bury them as they cannot keep up with payroll, shipping, etc. The very thing they hope for is never planned for... success. We know this is the problem that most companies fail to plan for. We have everything in place so you can succeed without worrying about delays or failures associated with most.
5.Do the products and services offer real value?
Another short fall for most companies. Offering true value at a huge discount is almost impossible for most companies to achieve. Why? Because they pay commissions therefore making it difficult lower cost to you. Our products are never re-purchased and we are supplying 10X what it would cost you... offering everyone incredible value. We are able to offer everything at a ridiculously low price giving you a real chance to earn a huge income.
6.Do they have a proven system in place to market successfully with?
We take everyone by the hand and provide a proven step-by-step system that builds your business fast. You not only get the tools and services to be successful, you get the information necessary for your success. We have over 7 years of online marketing experience and know what works and what doesn't.

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