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Just A Sample Of The Many Books, Reports
And Manuals You'll Receive When You Join!


How To Get OVER $10,000.00 In Instant Pre-Approved Credit Cards Regardless of Your Credit History!
How To Raise Money For Starting A Business!
How To Get Free Radio Advertising!
Money for Your Business - up to $750,000!
Secrets Of Getting Free Advertising!
How to Write a Press Release
Advertising in College Papers
A Venture Capital Primer for Small Business
How to Prepare a Business Plan
Secrets of the Richest People
3 Years of Web Marketing in 60 Seconds
Producing Powerful Ad Layouts
Where to Call for Free Printing/advertising
How to Turn Your Web Site into a Sales Machine!
Marketing with Autoresponders
How to Obtain Free Business Publicity
And Much Much More...


Four Songs of Four Seasons - Swinburne
Aesop's Fables
a Book of the Dead - William Gibson
Alladin and the Wonderful Lamp
Alcestis - Euripides
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
Alice's Adventure in Wonderland
Ali and the Sultan's Saddle
All's Well That Ends Well - Shakespeare
Antony and Cleopatra
Arabian Nights Fairy Tales
Auld Lang Syne - Robert Burns
To Autumn - William Blake
Ode to Spring - Anna Laetitia Barbauld
John Barleycorn: a Ballad - Robert Burns
Beauty and the Beast
And Much Much More...


Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea
A Tale of Two Cities   
The House of the Seven Gables
Around the World in 80 Days
Aesop's Fables (84 of Them)
Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Anne of Green Gables
The Awakening
Hounds of the Baskervilles
The Bill of Rights
Books for Children
The Charge of the Light Brigade
The Business Man
Julius Caesar
The Call of the Wild
The Canterbury Tales
A Christmas Carol
Common Sense
Robinson Crusoe
The Declaration of Independence
The Emancipation Proclamation
The Emperor's New Clothes
The Game of Chess       
A Ghost Story
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The Invisible Man
The Little Mermaid
Little Red Riding Hood
The Lost World
Moby Dick
The Raven
Romeo and Juliet
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor
The Taming of the Shrew
And Much Much More...


Unlimited Opportunities Guide
Tactics That Will Give You a Good Credit Rating
Your Money Guide to Free Government Grants
Seven Biggest Mistakes Car Buyers Make
How to Start Your Own Import-Export Business
How to Obtain an $800 Loan by Mail
How to Raise up to $50,000 with Credit Cards
How to Buy Homes and Land for a Few Dollars
Get $20,000 Worth of Furniture Free
Establish AAA Credit in 30 Days
How to Get Free Land in Canada
How to Get Any Credit Card You Want
How to Raise $200,000 in 24 Hours
Where to Buy Land at $1.25 per Acre
Stop Paying Real Estate Taxes Forever
Get an Exclusive Office with No Rent
How to Borrow Money Interest-Free
How to Turn Newspapers into Cash Dollars
How to Copyright Any Publication Without Cost
100 Ways to Save Energy & Money in the Home
How to Get Free Subscriptions to Magazines
How to Get Free Life Insurance & Pension
Live in a $100,000 Home Without Money
How to Earn up to $100,000 Reading Newspapers
Own Your Own Million Dollar Corporation
How to Get Free Legal Aid
How to Buy Surplus Autos for Pennies
How to Buy a New Car for $50 over Dealers Cost
Get All the Grocery Coupons You Need
And Much Much More...


What Is an Infomercial?
Producing Your Own Infomercials
The Birth of DRTV
The Advantages of Infomercials
A New Marketing Direction
Production of Your Infomercial
Shooting Your Infomercial
Buying on C.P.D.
Types of Media Buys
Joint-venture Projects
Media Joint Ventures
Using Celebrities
TV Order Slates
And Much Much More...


115 Ways to Earn Money with Your Computer
What You Need to Know When Buying a PC
Buying Software
Communication Software
Computer Software Reviews
Electronic Advertising Service
The Internet E-Mail System
A Low-Cost Marketing System Using Your Modem
Using an Online Information Service
Online Information Services
Turn Your PC into a Profit Center
Picking out Equipment
Publishing a Catalog on a Disk or CD-ROM
Publishing with CD-ROM's!
Profit from Distributing Shareware Software
Computer Tips (Series #4)
E-Marketing Series   
How to Buy and Sell Products Online
How to Advertise on the Internet!
Become a High Paid Online Information Broker
500 Free Advertising Sources on the Internet
The Secrets of Internet and Online Marketing       
Using the Internet
How to Publish Your Disk Based Book
Information Self-Publishing Business
115 Ways to Earn Money with Your Computer
And Much Much More...


How to Get Free Subscriptions to over 60 Magazines
How to Acquire Property Without Risk
How to Buy a Used Car the Smart Way
Nine Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance
How to "Erase Bad Credit"
Choosing a Bank That's Right for You
The Lure of Easy Bankruptcy
Helping Your Child Learn Responsible Behavior
Here's 46 Ways to Get Money When You Are Broke
Business Credit for Women & Minorities
Car Care and the Environment
Consumer Handbook for Credit Protection
How to Claim Government Benefits
Easy Ways to Get Loans
How to Land a Higher-Paying Job
The Lazy Man's Way to Big Money Fast
How to Command, influence and Control People
How to Stop Your Creditors Cold
Consumer Resource Handbook
Eating for Life - Healthy Eating to Live Longer
A Consumer's Guide to Fats in Foods
A Consumer Guide to Air Travel
Fly Smart
Foreign Country Entry Requirements
Helping Your Child Get Ready for School
Consumer Handbook on Adjustable Rate Mortgages
Helping Your Child Be Healthy & Fit
Guide to Invention Promotion Scams
How to Get a Visa or MasterCard with No Credit
What You Should Know about Life Insurance
Finding & Purchasing Government Lands
Growing a Healthy and Safe Lawn
Helping Your Child Learn Math
Signature Loans
Lost or Stolen: Credit and ATM Cards
How to Fill Your Home with Free Books
Invest Wisely: A Guide to Mutual Funds
New Car Buying Guide
The 1995 - 2005 Job Outlook
How to Buy Surplus Property from the Military
The Inside Story
How to Avoid Being Arrested
Your Personal Safety   
Social Security Information   
Handy First Aid Tips
Get the Most out of Your Police Department
Emergency Preparedness Checklist
Preparing Your Child for College
How to Protect Your Home from Intruders
How to Protect Your Valuables from Theft
How to Protect Yourself When Traveling   
How to Protect Yourself from Pickpockets
How to Protect Your Home While Away
How to Select a Burglar Alarm
Solving Problems Can Be Challenging & Fun
Popular Con Games and How to Recognize Them
Living with Police Radar
Schools Without Drugs
64 Ways to Make Your Car Last Longer
10 Best Ways to Hide Your Valuables
66 Ways to Save Money
Truth and Fiction about Opening a Swiss Bank Account
Guide to Trademarks
Wipe out Debts Without Bankruptcy
Guide to Getting a Government Job
And Much Much More...


How to Get 12% on Your Savings
How to Borrow Money Interest Free
Choosing a Bank That's Right for You
Smart Stamp and Coin Investment
Consumer Handbook to Credit Protection Laws
Consumer's Resource Handbook, Part I
Consumer's Resource Handbook, Part II
Consumer's Resource Handbook, Part III
Consumer's Resource Handbook, Part IV
Consumer's Resource Handbook, Part V
How to Evaluate High-Technology Stocks
Improving Your Credit by Paying Bills Later
Invest Wisely: An Introduction to Mutual Funds
Investment Swindles
Clever, Legal Methods to Reduce & Eliminate Debts
Life Insurance: Foundation of Financial Security
Nine Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs
How to Obtain an $800 Loan by Mail
$1,000,000 Worth of Life Insurance with No Cash
How to Stop Paying Property Taxes on Your Home
Stop Paying Real Estate Taxes Forever
Pre-Approved Credit Cards
The Secret of Raising Money
Business Financing: How to Find Money
Cutting Your Grocery Bills in Half
The U.S. Government Will Lend You $15000
Guerrilla Tactics for a Good Credit Rating
If Somebody Owes You Money...
The ABC's of Borrowing
Inside Secrets to Personal Tax Shelters
Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents
Wills or Trusts? The Case for Living Trusts
And Much Much More...


Ways You Can Make Money Collecting Things
Ways to Make Money Breeding Animals
Thirty Gas Saving Tips
$100 an Hour Making Exclusive 3-D Foto-Figures
Building Bird Houses for Fun and Profit
How You Can Bronze Baby Shoes
Use Your Talent in Calligraphy
The Business of Candle (And Soap) Making
How to Make Money in the Clock Mounting Business
How You Can Change the Coloring of Cut Flowers
Make Money in Cooking And Baking
Crafts for Tots
How You Can Preserve Cut Flowers
Building Doll Houses and Doll Furniture
You Can Be a Professional Engraver in Six Weeks!
Ways of Finding Silver Coins
The Professional Bass Fisherman's Secret Treatment
Starting Your Own Glass Etching Business
Beginner's Guide to the Herb and Spice Business
How to Make Lamps and Vases from Bottles
Stop Losing Those Fish
Money-Making Formulas of Chemical Magic I
Market your Sewing Projects
How to Catch More and Bigger Fish
How to Preserve Old and Brittle Newspaper Clippings
Oil Burning: Ad Copy for 3" X 5" Ad
How to Stop Oil Burning in Your Car, Truck or Boat
The Business of Organic Gardening
Raising and Marketing Exotic Animals for Profit
99 Ways for a Photographer to Make Money
How to Start a Picture Framing Business!
How to Sell Pine Cones!
Do's and Don'ts of Home Plumbing
How You Can Silver or Nickel-Plate
The Art of Success: Stained Glass
How to Transfer Photos to Other Objects!
How to Get Paid for Watching TV
Woodworking Profits!
And Much Much More...


Certificate of Abandonment of Fictitious Business Name
Acceptance of Counter Proposal
Return Authorization
New Open Account Welcome & Terms Letter
Acknowledgment of Receipt (Documents)
Acknowledgment of Letter
Unexpected Delay in Shipment
General Affidavit
Announcement of Price Increase
Announcement of Partnership Buyout
Announcement of Business Name Change
Announcement of New Pricing Policy
Apology for Delay of Refund
Assignment of Accounts Receivable (With Recourse)
Assignment of Accounts Receivable (With Non-recourse)
Assignment of Contract
Assignment of Copyright
Assignment of a Claim for Damages
Notice to Debtor of Assignment of Debt
Assignment of Lien
Female Living Will
Male Living Will
Power of Attorney - General
Last Will and Testament
Gifts under Uniform Gifts to Minors Act
Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Share Holders
Articles of Incorporation
First Meeting of the Shareholder's Waiver of Notice
1st Meeting of Directors Ratification of Minutes
Shareholders Agreement
The Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors Minutes
Buy-sell Agreement
Boat Rental Agreement
Employment Agreement
Collection Demand Letter
Bill of Sale
Quit-claim Deed
Agreement for Permission to Sublet
Rental Application
Promissory Note
Bill of Sale
Business Credit Application
Notice of C.O.D. Terms
Contract 1, Goods
10-day Notice Before Collections on Delinquent Account
Demand for Delivery
Offer of 2% Discount for Speedy Payments
Equipment Leasing Agreement
Letter of Credit (General)
Insurance Binder
Unlimited Guaranty
Christmas Bonus Letter
Christmas Employee Discount Offer
And Much Much More...


300 Mail Order Services and Suppliers
How to Parlay Any Multi-Level Program Millions
50 Ways to Make More Money in Network Marketing
Insider's Secrets for MLM Wealth
How to Make Big Bucks with Any Multi-level Program
How to Make Money with Postcards
How to Build an MLM Machine by Mail
Make up Front Cash Generating Leads
Build Your Downline Deep by Generating Leads
12 Guaranteed Ways to Keep Your Downline Alive
Where to Place Tiny Inexpensive Classified Ads
Advertisements for 4 Powerful Reports
$1,000,000 MLM Empire by Mail
How to Parlay Any Multi-Level Program into Real Riches
Generating MLM Leads!
Where to Place Your 1" Ads for less than $5.00
300 Mail Order Services and Suppliers
And Much Much More...

We could continue to provide you more samples but that would only cause this page to triple in size. We're sure you get the idea by now.  This is your opportunity to earn a ton of money.  These books, reports and manuals offer a great value to everyone!  So don't delay... get into the members area right now!

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