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You have an opportunity to earn an ever growing income marketing this package.  The money you earn will continue to multiply from your results and those you bring in. 

And, we have made this virtually risk free.

You can join for just $9.00 and use the tools, information, and services to build a network 6 levels deep, as wide as you like on your first level. 

In other words, you can bring in as many people as you want to and the people you bring in will be in inserted into your first level.  And then, the people you bring in... can bring in as many people as they want to and their signups can can bring in as many people as they want and so on and so on... building you a very large network  You will have as long as you wish to build your network before becoming eligible for commissions thus, removing any risk.

To qualify for commissions you must be a full fledge member... your additional investment is just $38.00 or, come in right away as a full fledge member for just $38.00 to qualify for commissions immediately.

Commission checks are sent every week.

Those who are full fledge members are paid $5.00 for every person within their ever growing network.

Your membership dues are just $38.00 per year.  This will ensure you an income that will grow for a lifetime.


First Level $5.00
Second Level $5.00
Third Level $5.00
Fourth Level $5.00
Fifth Level $5.00
Sixth Level $5.00

Here is a calculator to see how much can be earned.  The more people you refer, that join, the more cash you'll earn from your efforts and those you bring in.

The money potential is staggering.  Just 6 people bringing in 6 people, six levels deep, earns you $559.860.00 per year.  10 people bringing in 10 people, six levels deeps, earns you $11,111,100.00 per year...  you read that right over eleven million dollars.

Potential Earnings Calculator

You earn $10.00 for each new referral you bring in and $10.00 from everyone they bring in... 6 levels deep so long as you are a full fledge member! Plus, you're PAID every week.

The calculator, by default, shows 6 people, bringing in 6 people, 6 levels deep.
See what you think you can earn by changing the numbers in the first 2 boxes below.

Your Level 1 Volume - Enter the number of referrals you think you'll bring in (by highlighting the number "6" to the right) and then type in the number.

Your Extended Volume - Enter how many people your referrals should bring in and then click the "CALCULATE" button below.



Earned Members


Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


Level 6


Your Total Earnings Once You Reach Your Goals... 

About The Potential Earnings Calculator
This Potential Earnings Calculator presents hypothetical examples intended to illustrate how the commission plan operates. The calculator is not a representation that your income or organization will grow in the fashion or sizes depicted because the figures utilized in the chart are hypothetical projections only. Before enrolling in this, or any other marketing program, you should understand that in actual practice, organizations do not grow symmetrically or completely. We make no guarantee or representation that you may, can, or will earn any commission. Your success will depend on your own efforts.

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